Tiger Therapy, like traditional Reiki, focuses on the transferral of healing energies from the spiritual source, through the practitioner and into the person in need.

What is Tiger Healing ?
If you feel drawn to the tiger in any way, then this type of healing may be exactly what you need! The tiger, apart from being a creature of grace and beauty is also an animal of great strength and courage. Despite a disappearing habitat, the tiger has the strength to be a survivor, and this is what Tiger energy is all about.
A session of this type of healing not only transfers selective Reiki healing energies, but also lends its strength to clearing out emotional   energy blockages which can leave us physically drained and tired.
The power of the tiger's energy is strong and fearless, yet can also be gentle, giving great emotional support for those who need balance and confidence in their life.        

If you feel an affinity with this great creature as we do, then a healing session absorbing the gifts of the tiger may be exactly what you need.

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