Reiki is such a lovely therapy to receive. Many people have no wish to learn this, preferring to visit a practitioner for a relaxing treatment. On the other hand, a good percentage of my past clients have shown a desire to learn Reiki for themselves, progressing to train with me. You do not have to be a client however to learn Reiki. If you feel something is drawing you to learn healing, or have been meaning to train for some time, NOW may be that time!

Ask yourself why you are reading this now? What has guided you to these words?

"When the timing is right the teacher appears," is an old proverb, but a true one!

Reiki Always enters our lives at the moment that is best for our long term good.

If you have been meaning to learn in the past, but something always seemed to come in the way, then it was not the perfect time for you.
It is not difficult to learn Reiki, you need have no prior knowledge whatsoever.
All that is required is a kind heart and feelings of compassion to help those around you.

Many people have no desire to treat various members of the public, choosing instead to learn this therapy purely for themselves, and for those they love. Others may have the desire to treat the general public as an independent practitioner, and spread the benefit of this healing energy to many souls in need.

Training itself is not difficult. I do my best to explain the whole process clearly. Why should learning Reiki be complicated? It is one of the most ancient and natural healing therapies available. There is no upper age limit and I have taught Reiki very successfully to the older generation!

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