Pets & Animals
Reiki is also excellent in helping animals in the same way as it helps humans. Several people have simply learned Reiki with me in order to treat their own domestic pets as I do myself, for after all, every living creature deserves to absorb the wonderful benefits of hands on healing.
I have given hands on healing or distant healing to dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits rodents, snakes, even fish. Reiki is also absorbed by all plants and trees.
That is why it is called universal healing energy!

If you would like me to send your pet distant healing then please ask me. This is a free service!

I have had very positive feedback from happy owners on their pet's progress since receiving Reiki energy. Alternatively you are welcome to arrange to bring your pet to me for "hands on healing." I provide this service for a donation.

Animals are great receivers of distant healing, as unlike people they are completely open and do not analyse healing energy they just accept it. I am unable to explain exactly how distant healing works, I just know that it does!

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